For The Stake of the trail

We believe that everyone has a stake in the trail.
In survey after survey, creating an off road a riverfront bike
trail has been a top priority for our citizens in our Region for decades. 
Now is our chance to make this trail a reality.
This is the largest single opportunity to add off road riverfront trail on the Allegheny in over 40 years….and once this trail corridor is complete, there is only one tract of land left between Sharpsburg and the City.


ARP River Rocks
This project alone will not fund the construction of the trail.  (As a rule of thumb trails costs $250,000 per quarter mile to install.)  
What this project will do is visibly demonstrate to larger funders, government leaders and the remaining riverfront land owner between ARP and the City just how important this trail is to all of us.  And we will inspire a spirit of collaboration and creativity that will get the entire trail completed.

Buy Now!

1 stake for $10
12 stakes for $100
Sponsor a group or classroom up to people 30 for $150


How many stakes do you need?
Our goal is to have one stake for each foot of our mile and a half long trail – so 7,920 stakes.  
Can I paint more than one?
Absolutely!  Paint or decorate as many as you like, however you like.  This is a great project for families to enjoy.
Where do I get the stakes?
They can be picked up at Allegheny RiverTrail Park in our pavilion and at select businesses.  For a list of these businesses, click here.  If you live within 10 miles of the park and need us to drop one at your house, we can do that as well.  Just email us to coordinate.
How do I get them back to you?
Drop them off at the Park.
I’m not interested in painting one myself, can someone do it for me?
Absolutely!  We have lots of artists in the waiting wanting to help.
Does it have to be painted?
No.  Alternatively you can always simply write words on your stake.  We recommend sharpies and acrylic or outdoor paint.  The beauty of this project is seeing the community’s creativity come together.
When will they be installed?
Our goal is to have the first large swatch installed at the end of March.
I have a school, retirement community, knitting group, boy scout troop, church, nursery school, book club etc. that would like to be part of this.  Can I get special pricing so that everyone can participate? 
Yes!  It’s very important to us that this project represent everyone in our community.  After we prime it for decorating, each stake costs us roughly $2.