The Front Yard

The Front Yard campaign will bring together government, foundations, businesses, and individuals to invest in our long-term success and fund the future of ARP.

On the site of a former private marina and an industrial scrapyard, Allegheny RiverTrail Park aspires to be the community’s Front Yard along the Allegheny River. Together, we can ensure the riverfront remains an asset that will be enjoyed by the community forever.

Campaign Objectives

– 1 –

To transform six riverfront acres, a former scrapyard, into a vibrant public green space

– 2 –

To expand a riverfront trail system that will someday provide trail access to the city of Pittsburgh and both banks of the Allegheny River

– 3 –

To make our park more adaptable to seasonal and climate change

– 4 –

To make our park safer and more accessible for visitors, partners, and staff

Creating a Climate-Smart Park

  • Install irrigation
  • Plant native species
  • Bioswale for stormwater management (1)

Connecting Communities

  • Build 1.5 miles of new, multi-use trail
  • Founding partner of the Brilliant Line rails-to-trails conversion

Providing Gathering Places & Open Spaces

  • Food truck parking  (2)
  • Hammock grove (3)
  • Recreational lawn (4)
  • Hillside slides (5)

Improving Access to Our Waterways

  • River sea wall remediation
  • Dock reconstruction
  • Grand riverside deck (6)
  • Wildlife viewing platform (7)

Providing Four Season Accommodation

  • Enclose park pavilion
  • Admin offices buildout
  • Upgrade HVAC systems
  • Replace roof

Keeping Our Park Safe for Visitors

  • Install fire protection
  • Install AEDs
  • Install cameras & call boxes
  • Replace boardwalks

Allegheny RiverTrail Park

Capital Campaign Committee

ARP Board of Directors

Carole King and Chip Burke, Co-Chair

Beth and Dave Short, Co-Chair

Gayle and Bill Simpson, Co-Chair

Alison and Bill Strome, Chairman

Christine and Beau Beard

John Culbertson

Jess and Rich DeFelice

Chris and Helen Sims Duerr

Dave and Robin Durr

Beth and Kevin Gordon

Erich and Trish Klatt

Caleb and Kayla Portis

Mary and Bob Scott

Steve and Erika Wein

Suzanne Alexander and Dave Sweitzer

Jon and Liza Allen

Christine and Julian Asenjo

Weasey and Chip Babst

Richard and Tingle Barnes

Jeff and Robin Baum

Michelle Bender

Andy and Nan Bennett

Joe and Liz Birch

Emily Bongiovanni

John and Katie Bongiovanni

Courtney and Tim Borntraeger

Robert Bosilovic

Steve and Lisa Botos

Mike and Natalie Bozzone

William P. Bresnahan, II

Zoe Bunnell

Gail Burke

Katia and Chip Burke

Dianne Bucco

Ryan and Katie Citron

Katie and Tripp Clarke

Jesse Colon

Alex and Tonja Condron

Craig and Suzy Connolly

Jim and Leslee Conroy

Susan and Currie Crookston, Founder

Paul and Eileen Curry

David D’Amico

Sherry and Rick Dandrea

Patty and Wally Danforth

Leslie and Steve Davis

Bill and Paula Deasy

Jenna and Andy DeGory

Jack and Cathy Demos

Bonnie and Ryan DeMotte

Clare and Harmar Denny

Frank and Michelle Domeisen

Lu and EJ Donnelly

Lisa Faloon and Ann Cole

Christy and Greg Farrell

Diane and John Fisher

Kent and Nancy Foster

Kathy and Dallas Frey

Dave Fuhrer

Frank Fuhrer

Sandra and Norb Garbisch

Alvaro and Sandy Garcia-Tunon

David and Laurie Garzarelli

Patti and Saleem Ghubril

Jen and Coleman Griffin

Kathy Hartford and Bill Donaldson

Sarah and Wouter Hendrix

Dara and John Henne

Michael and Mary Alice Hennessey

Doug Heuck and Marylynn Uricchio

Lilla and David Hillman

Rob and Christy Hofmann

Doug Holmes and Carrington North

Tracy Howe and Michael Duckworth

Sue Hunter

Tim Inglis

Kirk Johnson and Henry Krakovsky

Susan Deakin Kabazie and Jack Kabazie

Tim and Kristin Kaiser

Lisa Kennedy

Sam and Heather Kennedy

Duke and Nancy Kingsley

Tom and Suzanne Kingsley

Sam and Catherine Kintner

Steve and Cynthia Lackey

Ken Landau

Amy and John Larsen

Chris and Mary Beth Leech

Fred and JoEllen Leech

Tom Leech

Bill and Carrie Casey Leemhuis

Susie and Tom Levine

Anne V. Lewis

John Lewis

Rosemary and Howard Loevner

George H. Love and Debbie Bradley

Ruth and Neil MacKay

Matt Madia

Zia Marinzel and David Short, Jr.

Rob and Tracey Marsh

Luci and David Massaro

Peter Mathieson

Peggy and Steve Mcknight

Debbie and Brendan McManus

John McMinn

Kevin Meade

Ginny Merchant

Bill and Maureen Miller

Wendy and Bryant Mitchell

Jim and Fritz Mitnick

Courtney Myhrum

Nicki and Jeff Nigro

Lynn and Bill O’Mara

Susan James and Frank Pasqualino

Kit and Peter Perkins

Francesca and George Pilafas

Kris Piscitella

Kim and John Power

Cary and Richard Reed

Becca Ringham and Mike Myerburg 

Laura and Brian Ritz

Kris Rockwell President, S. Kent Rockwell Foundation

Brenda and Dave Roger

Julie Rost

Manny Cahouet-Rotondi and Armando Rotondi

Mardi and Jim Royston

Coco and John Rudolf

Justine and Tony Ryan

Ozzy Samad

Carolyn and Scott Sanford

Cris and Alex Scott

Gail and Porter Scott

Ann Scully and Tim Lind

Henry C. Scully

Jeff and Lisa Sieber

Seth and Annina Silverman

Jean and Will Simpson

Keally Simpson

Erica and Jason Snyder

Maggie and George Snyder

Mary Margaret and Lloyd Stamy

Dee and George Stathis, Executive Director

Bethanie and Dillon Stein

Scot and Rachel Stevens

Shelly and Walter Stoecklein

Peter Strome

Cari and Ray Tarasi

Ngoc and Barbara Thai

Jay and Linda Thier

Sarah Tuthill

John and Michelle Vento

Patty and Jim Wallisch

Bob and Trudy Ward

Vicki and Knox Watson

The Wean Family

Caroline and Tom Wentling

Art and Karen West

Paula and John Wight

Ted and Susan Wilkes

Tim and Susie Williams

Tishie and Davitt Woodwell

Brittney Wozniak

Caroll Ann Wykoff