Foundations of Bachata 8-Week Course, April-May
April 2nd – May 21st
7-8:30 PM (90 Minute Classes)

In this 8 week course, you will:

  • Develop a variety of basic steps
  • Learn the fundamental elements of Bachata music
  • Develop the roots of connection that allow you to both lead and follow a variety of basic steps
    • Please note: All dancers will learn both roles regardless of gender
  • Utilize weight transfer to improve leading and following
  • Use the elements of Bachata music to cultivate musicality in partner-work
  • Apply various break steps and body movements to cultivate personal style
  • Practice and apply social norms of dance within partner-work
  • Appreciate the Dominican roots of Bachata

These courses do NOT use pattern-based learning, as memorized patterns can prohibit creativity. You will learn the foundational elements of Bachata and will learn to create your own style of dancing using those basics, variations, and concepts of musicality.

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